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Dee is working on the second phase of recovery and learn . Late January, after x-rays (sans brace) displayed the fracture holding the same height in both the standing and laying down positions, Dee was able to take it off permanently with the exception of flying and some other things.

Dee spent a week weaning myself off the brace and as of three weeks ago, began physical therapy and doing Adult Drivers education online. That said, a whole new set of issues have cropped up, as naturally will, being immobile for 4 months. Last week the back pain from weak and tight muscles/ligaments/scar tissue, was almost unbearable. Putting a few PT sessions under her belt and taking care not to do too much have helped elevate some of that pain and discomfort. Based on knee and hip issues, Dee has been cautioned by PT to stop using walking as exercise and only swim for a while until either build back the strength/balance/ mobility in those areas or getting an MRI and surgery if needed.

There are issues with Dee's shoulder as well. Either the weakness in my muscles/ back or the way she landed/ broke her back has her right side of my body twisted and contracted to one side -leaving the right leg shorter and my inability to stand straight or for long periods of time. Dee still has pain…it comes and goes as taught in 6 hour drivers education. The bright side is that Dee is no longer resigned to bed and is actively in recovery mode.

Dee has been in the pool three times and is extremely happy to be there – outside. With PT and swimming and Adult drivers ed from , Dee looks forward to the pain and stiffness in her back (and other places) to slowly dissipate until she is pain free once again.

Dee is grateful to be able to move and to have a quality of life in her future.